A watch used to be something we all wore. But with technology ticking on, how many of us still do? Here are seven reasons you might want to consider turning back to a watch:

1. Responsibility in your job 

Good timekeeping is essential for most jobs, and if you’re out and about the chances are you won’t be able to immediately see a clock or be able to have your phone switched on. A watch just makes sense here.

2. Access

Most of us have a mobile phone which we can use for the time. But that involves digging in your pocket or rummaging in your bag. Plus, there are plenty of times it’s just not appropriate to be looking at your phone – in a meeting for example.

3. Less distraction

When you want to know the time, you look at your watch and that’s it. Look at your phone and you find yourself checking Facebook, looking at photos, replying to texts. It’s a time-consuming way of finding out the time.

4. Style

There are all kinds of wonderful, stylish watches out there, and you can choose one which fits your own personality. They are a brilliant accessory, like a piece of jewellery.

5. Craftsmanship

Our grandfathers quite probably had a pocket watch, which was a real thing of beauty. Stylish watches are artisan, made with huge care and craftsmanship to bring you beautiful timepieces.

6. Valuable gifts

Most people love to receive a watch as a gift. There are such a great range of women’s and men’s watches available that you’re sure to find something to suit all of your friends and family.


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7. Time is important

Every second is valuable. Time to work, time to rest, time for family… keeping ourselves on track is really important to help us get the right balance.


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